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The Purpose: The 100 day white book study is a more intense and devoted study to the Sexaholics Anonymous White Book. We believe that a more intense study of the White Book helps an individual truly understand the concept of SURRENDER.  In order to truly have long lasting sobriety one needs to understand the concept of surrendering to a higher power.  Without it we are unable to make it through the pull towards lust on our own.  We have learned that over and over in our addiction.  You will also build on your habits that you have been creating over the past 60 days.  This part of the program requires more in depth conversation and evaluation of your thoughts with your sponsor.  This is where the real self-evaluation begins.

I will agree to:


  • Abstain from lust to any degree, by immediately surrendering lustful thoughts that arise.  


  • Complete my morning work, including my journal, within the first hour of my day, consistently.


  • Write in my journal each evening, before going to bed.


  • Notify my Sponsor upon completion of each assignment.


  • Report to Sponsor in the case of a slip (intentional movement towards lust). 


  • Learn to take responsibility for my sobriety and recovery, always avoiding unhealthy dependance on those supporting me,  and using the tools I’ve been given.


  • Make friends, get phone numbers, participate fully with the fellowship and groups you attend.


  • Make and record DAILY outreach calls (one or more) on the Tracker doc.


  • Attend 2-SA or SAL meetings every week, no exceptions.  ARP meetings are helpful but optional.


  • Record every meeting attended, and the type of meeting, on the Meeting Tracker.


  • Meet with my Sponsor weekly to review my work together, by phone or skype.  


  • Postpone dating, and all relationships, “at least” until the White Book Program and 90-day Program have been completed successfully.


  • Above all, strive to rediscover God’s power and love, as the primary source of my strength, hope, and happiness.

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