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I agree to the following for the White Book Study


  • Be intentional about staying sober.  There can be no recovery without permanent sobriety.  I will remain sober during this assignment, with the understanding that staying sober is required, to continue working with a sponsor.


  • Complete my morning work within the first hour of my day, consistently, along with my morning journal entry.


  • Write in my journal each evening, before going to bed.


  • Notify my Sponsor upon completion of each assignment.


  • Never conceal a slip (any intentional movement towards lust).


  • Learn to take responsibility for my abstinence and recovery, and avoid unhealthy dependance on those supporting me.


  • Make friends, get phone numbers, participate fully with the fellowship and groups you attend.


  • Make and record DAILY outreach calls (one or more) on the Tracker doc.


  • Attend 2-SA or SAL meetings every week, no exceptions.  


  • Record every meeting attended, and the type of meeting, on the Tracker doc.


  • Cut ties with any whose standards hinder my efforts in recovery.  This includes “friends” in and out of the program who are not staying sober.


  • Take full advantage of the many resources available to me, priesthood leaders, supportive family members, and solid friends, both in and out of the Program.  


  • Postpone dating, and all relationships, “at least” until the White Book Program and 90-day Program have been completed successfully.


  • Above all, strive to rediscover God’s power and love, as the primary source of my strength, hope, and happiness.

The Purpose: The reason for the White book study is for you as the individual to truly study and pondor about the first 96 pages of the White book.  This consists of The Problem, and most of the Solution.  WITHOUT understanding these principles on a deep level you will have great difficulty understanding what it takes to obtain and maintain long term sobriety.  It consists of a document that asks you questions and you ponder and write your answer.  Self-reflection has been a major part of our recovery.  

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