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The Purpose: Now is the time to dive in and actually work the steps.  With a minimum of 160 days of sobriety you are now able to have the clarity of mind to truly work the 12 steps of recovery.  You have been working on steps 1-3 (Humbling yourself, recognize you need God, and deciding to do whatever is asked to recover) and gaining good habits that will help you to continue to make the decision for long last sobriety.  You will now work your step 4 inventory, share it with your sponsor, give it up to your higher power, make a list of those you have harmed, make amends and prepare to work steps 10-12 in the ARPsupport program and in life.  You will have gained a minimum of 250 days of sobriety and given the structure and support needed for long lasting sobriety.

You agree to:

- Each morning within the first hour of your day, have a meaningful, kneeling, vocal prayer, along with a quality scripture study.  This should be done consistently, with the intention to make both a lifetime habit.


- Also, within the first hour of your day, do your morning journal entry, along with the assignment for that day, all in google docs and notify your Sponsor it is done.


- Meet with your Sponsor at the completion of each week’s assignment and go over it together, usually by phone. 


- Each evening within the last hour of your day, write a journal entry of that day’s blessings, spiritual feelings and impressions in google docs, and notify your Sponsor it is done.


- Last thing, before going to bed, have a meaningful, kneeling, vocal prayer.  This should be done consistently, with the intention to make it a lifetime habit.


- Never miss making contact  with your Sponsor morning and evening, no matter what.


- Continue attending 2-SA or SAL meetings every week, no exceptions.  


- Continue tracking your meeting attendance.


- Continue to make friends, get phone numbers, and participate fully with the fellowship and groups you attend.


- Continue to make and record DAILY outreach calls (one or more) on the Tracker doc.


- Commit to devoting 90 days uninterrupted to this process, following the schedule consistently, and working diligently to the end.  Understand that the maintenance steps are to be practiced for a lifetime.


- Understand that failure to maintain abstinence breaks your agreement with your Sponsor.  He will be required to step down if there is a slip of any kind. This will require moving back to the White Book Study until abstinence has been established.  Everyone completing the 90-day program will have 190 days or more, of complete abstinence.


- Work with your Bishop and meet with him regularly throughout this process.


- Understand that Internet access first and last thing each day, along with the capacity to work with and on the Google documents used by ARPsupport is required.


- Continue to postpone dating, and all relationships, “at least” until you have completed this 90-day Program successfully.

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