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30 Day "Trial" Program


1.     Remain abstinent or sober. This is your choice and if you want it enough you will find a way to make it happen.

2.     Do and share a morning  journal entry FIRST and LAST thing in your day.

3.     Read/study first 96 pages of the SA White Book.

4.     Attend 2 weekly SA or SAL meetings.

5.     Create a list of men with a year or more sober.

6.     Call 1 or more of these persons daily.

7.     Keep track of meeting attendance and calls on the doc provided.

8.     Keep track of sobriety and journal entries on the doc provided.

The Purpose: The 30 Day "Trial" Program is to help the individual GAIN and work TOWARDS fundamental habits that have been a major part of our recovery.  Habits such as making the FIRST thing you do in the day focusing on GOD.  Making your LAST thing you do focusing on God. Practicing tracking and maintaining sobriety.  We believe that it is IMPOSSIBLE to work the steps if you are acting out.  When acting out the individual isn't truly honest with themselves so a considerable amount of sobriety is necessary for success.  Daily outreach calls are required in order to practice reaching out and "connecting" with others who have a year or more of sobriety.

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