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"ARPsupport is a unique program that is meant to help the individual gain sobriety through the principles of Work, Honesty, Accountability, and Sponsorship." -Sponsors of ARPsupport

Progression of the program

What does the program look like?

30 Day Trial Program

This trial program is meant to help the individual focus on the basics of recovery prior to working the actual steps.  these include Sobriety, Accountability, Connection.

White Book Study

The White book study is designed to help the individual BEGIN to understand the principles of surrendering while working on the basics of what has helped us recover.

100 Day White Book Study

The 100 day white book study is a more in depth study of the principles of humility, surrender, and commitment to long lasting sobriety while continuing to perfect the basics.

90 Day Program

After mastering the basics of the program and showing consistency in sobriety you will be ready to WORK the 12 steps.  You will work the 12 steps with over 160 days of sobriety.

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